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Aaron Rodgers Gets Snippy on Twitter

A lot of the stuff people tweet is better left unsaid.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Claire Van Fossen: Justice Means NO POLICE

Claire Van Fossen, a self-described "lifelong Sherman Park resident who is deeply dedicated to a vision of a socially just Milwaukee," wrote an absolutely clueless piece as part of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's "Purple Wisconsin project."

She believes that a "just and free world means a world without police."

Say what?

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Whether we call them because of a dispute between neighbors or a robbery, a shooting or sexual violence, the police rarely meet our needs. They don’t help us heal. And they don’t prevent future harm. Rather than serve as advocates for true justice, they use their nearly limitless power to reinforce the oppressive status quo. They threaten us with violence and incarceration and target the most oppressed and vulnerable people in our society. By blaming “crime” and “criminals” instead of systemic oppression for society’s ills, the police exacerbate societal problems, harm citizens, and bar the people from liberation by maintaining the capitalist social order.

For certain, the negative effects of policing outweigh the benefits. In times of falling violent and property crimes, increased spending on police (ergo increased arrests, especially for petty crimes and drug offenses and especially in communities of color) has a host of negative impacts on individuals and communities, with little to no social benefit. Within the communities most affected, police hamper economic mobility, fragment families, and usurp taxpayer dollars which could otherwise be spent on the meaningful work happening to make those same communities safer and healthier.

What’s perhaps worse is the fact that, because the police do not keep us safe, their predominant role in society is maintaining a social order that enables people in power to operate with the least amount of disruption possible and thus continue to exploit and oppress the already disenfranchised. By targeting low-income individuals and people of color, the police maintain a racial and economic system of social stratification that is profitable and beneficial only for the ruling class.

And unlike basically every other institution in our country, they do this while safely insulated from competition, market feedback, the price mechanism, and the profit-loss system. As a result, there is virtually no system of accountability of police to their "clients" or the public, and any complaints against police are passed off as having been made by "criminals". Even in a state like ours, where investigations of police must be conducted by outside entities, those entities are often mostly made up of former police, and so perpetrating officers are almost never indicted nor face any criminal charges when they commit even the gravest of violent transgressions against the citizens they have vowed to serve and protect.

Plainly stated, police departments function as monopolies and come with incentives to overspend, overcharge, under-produce, and generally work in opposition to their clients’ interests and in favor of their own and of those of the ruling class. The police represent a nearly all-powerful, irreprehensible institution whose sole purpose is to keep poor and black folks oppressed so wealthy whites can prosper. It is for this reason that the abolition of the police must be a key component of the work to establish a more just, free, and equitable world.
Yes, Claire, the police are the bad guys. They don't help us heal and they function as a monopoly.

Seriously, what's wrong with you?

An adult shouldn't be this blind to reality.

Van Fossen says, "the police do not keep us safe."


She believes, "their predominant role in society is maintaining a social order that enables people in power to operate with the least amount of disruption possible and thus continue to exploit and oppress the already disenfranchised."

This drivel is straight out of the ivory tower.

So, what does it mean to imagine a world free of police? And what do viable alternatives to policing look like? The answer may be more intuitive than you think. As Luis Fernandez, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice at Northern Arizona University, puts it, “Most of our communities already exist without policing. Most of our human interactions are already outside of the purview of police officers…Most social relationships between people do not require police intervention.”

Indeed, the absence of police might actually mean the chance to connect to one another more as people, on a human level. By eliminating the involvement of the state in social conflicts, we increase our opportunity to practice methods of conflict resolution like mediation, dialogue, and reconciliation - and we replace the racist, militaristic penalism which characterizes policing in this country and which proves so costly to our communities in so many ways.
And maybe without a police department unicorns could freely romp the streets and bring joy to all!

Van Fossen has the audacity to call the police in the U.S. "racist" and "militaristic."

Truly offensive.

It may take years before enough Americans recognize this, though. In the meantime, we have the power to reduce the role of the police in our own individual lives. This year I made a New Year’s resolution not to call the police. By participating in efforts in my neighborhood to reduce the presence and role of the police in our interactions, I’m also taking part in ensuring there is an organized, collectively-responsible immediate community with viable, humane and self-empowering alternatives to calling the police. Additionally, I know I can rely on resources like friends, help hotlines, restorative justice practices, crisis centers and so on should I find myself in a jam.
God help us if Americans ever adopt Van Fossen's beliefs.

Does Van Fossen really think a hotline or crisis center will suffice when it comes to maintaining order in society?

She wants "viable, humane and self-empowering alternatives to calling the police."

If someone is raped or robbed at gunpoint, I don't think we should be thinking of "self-empowering alternatives to calling the police."

The absence of police won't mean the "chance to connect to one another more as people, on a human level."

That is beyond idiotic.

It's not realistic.

Whatever our chosen alternatives to calling the police, we all deserve a conflict-resolution and crisis management process that is democratic, accountable, transparent, and over which our communities have the ultimate control. Our humanity, our justice, and our freedom depend on it.
Communities do have ultimate control over the police department. Good grief. We elect officials responsible for the department. The police aren't rogue oppressors, unaccountable to the public.

Is Van Fossen for real?

Mark Levin said, "Liberalism is the philosophy of the stupid."


Friday, March 27, 2015

Obama Gives Iran a Nuke

Everything is relative.

Jimmy Carter is looking like a great president these days.

From the Washington Free Beacon:

The Obama administration is giving in to Iranian demands about the scope of its nuclear program as negotiators work to finalize a framework agreement in the coming days, according to sources familiar with the administration’s position in the negotiations.

U.S. negotiators are said to have given up ground on demands that Iran be forced to disclose the full range of its nuclear activities at the outset of a nuclear deal, a concession experts say would gut the verification the Obama administration has vowed would stand as the crux of a deal with Iran.
From Fars News Agency:
Director General for Political Affairs at the Iranian Foreign Ministry and nuclear negotiator Hamid Baeidinejad said on Wednesday that the western powers have withdrawn from their previous positions in nuclear talks with Tehran.
"The other side has withdrawn from its positions compared with the past, otherwise we wouldn’t have stood at this point and stage in the talks at all," Baeidinejad told reporters in Tehran on Wednesday.

Yet, the Iranian negotiator stressed that certain issues have still remained unresolved between the two sides, including the removal of sanctions.

Baeidinejad expressed the hope that Iran and the Group 5+1 (the US, Russia, China, Britain and France plus Germany) would reach a final deal in the Iranian new year (which started on March 21).

His remarks came as the Iranian nuclear negotiators will leave Tehran for Lausanne, Switzerland, Wednesday for the next round of nuclear talks with the world powers which is due to start either on Wednesday night or Thursday morning.

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is to meet with his US counterpart John Kerry in Lausanne on Thursday.
John Kerry is a disaster. He's a horrible secretary of state, as bad as Hillary Clinton.

Obama is an appeaser. No American president has behaved like this in the nuclear era.

The world would be a safer place if Obama had been kicked out of office after his one mess of a term.

Obama is giving Iran nukes, his second term legacy.

I blame all those people who decided to sit out the 2012 election rather than vote for Mitt Romney.

This is your fault.

Jimmy Fallon: More Ted Cruz Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: Republican candidate Ted Cruz said recently that in the 36 hours after he announced that he's running for president he raised over one million dollars. And Hillary Clinton closed her checkbook and said, 'Happy to help.'

That's right. Ted Cruz raised over one million dollars after announcing that he's running for president, which is why today RadioShack announced that it also is running for president. RadioShack, go for it!

Hillary Clinton and the Words You Can't Use

Hillary Clinton supporters have unleashed the speech police and declared a list of words YOU MAY NOT USE in reference to Hillary Clinton.

From the Daily Caller:

When it comes to reporting on Hillary Clinton, George Carlin’s “Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television” have turned into “Twelve Words You Can Never Say About a Powerful Politician.”

“We will be watching, reading, listening and protesting coded sexism,” the pro-Hillary group HRC Super Volunteers warned The New York Times’ Amy Chozick Wednesday.
Can you imagine what the reaction would be if Ted Cruz supporters circulated a list of words you were prohibited to use in describing him?

There would be outrage and nonstop mockery, and rightly so.

The extremism is coming from the Leftists.

Here are the words that MAY NOT BE APPLIED TO HILLARY:








over confident


"will do anything to win"

"represents the past"

"out of touch"
These words are "coded sexism"?

That's weird. Sexist?

Since I'm a woman, I should have immunity when it comes to speaking about another woman. I can't be sexist in that regard, right? Isn't that the way it works? African Americans have immunity when it comes to using certain words, especially that one in particular. That's undeniable, right?

Whatever, I think the threat that the HRC Super Volunteers are ready to pounce on media Leftists if they have the audacity to use certain words to describe Hillary is hilarious.

Such tolerance for free speech and the freedom of the press! Those crazy Leftists!

One more thing--

Hillary Clinton is a calculating, disingenuous, insincere, ambitious, over confident, and secretive person. She presents herself as inevitable, as if she's entitled to be the Democrat nominee for president. Hillary will do anything to win. She represents the past and is incredibly out of touch.

Thursday, March 26, 2015


That was a very exciting game.

It's nice that Aaron Rodgers was there to cheer on the Badgers, but I am so sick of seeing him and Olivia Munn.

Why the media obsession with them?

I can't blame our local media for the all repeated glimpses of the couple tonight.



Starbucks CEO Meeting With Dontre Hamilton Family

Howard Schultz, Starbucks CEO, is coming to Milwaukee to meet with the family of Dontre Hamilton.

From the Milwaukee Business Journal:

Starbucks chief executive officer Howard Schultz is coming to Milwaukee, meeting with the family of an unarmed man shot and killed by police in front of the coffee chain's Red Arrow Park location downtown.

A company spokeswoman said by email, "Howard Schultz is planning to meet with Dontre Hamilton’s family in Milwaukee. As this is a private conversation of the family, we are not sharing any additional details."

...Schultz's visit comes as the Seattle-based coffee chain embarks on its "Race Together" campaign, designed to stimulate conversation around race-related issues. The nationwide campaign has been the subject of criticism and even scorn since its debut last week. The company is hoping to get people in the U.S. to talk about race relations by holding employee forums and encouraging baristas to write "Race Together" on coffee cups.
So Schultz is continuing his "race together" mission by coming to Milwaukee.

I hope Schultz asks Nate Hamilton, Dontre's brother, about his incendiary remarks, casting Milwaukee police officers as pigs and murderers and racists.

NATE HAMILTON: We need to protect each other. We need to stop the violence in our communities, so we can get rid of these pigs that kill us.
Will Schultz meet with Milwaukee police officers while he's here?

Give them some free coffee?


Trevor Casper

On his first solo day on the job, Wisconsin Trooper Trevor Casper was killed in the line of duty.

This is unspeakably sad.

Trevor Casper (Photo: Wisconsin Department of Justice)

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel:

Trevor Casper was called to duty.

He was a high school wrestler and a soccer player, the kid others sought out for advice. He yearned to be a Wisconsin state trooper, once telling his parents that he was "born ready to do this job."

On Tuesday, just months after his December graduation from the Wisconsin State Patrol Academy, and on his first day working solo on the job, Casper was killed in an exchange of gunfire with a bank robber. The gunman also died.

Casper was 21.

He was the first Wisconsin trooper shot and killed in the line of duty in almost 43 years.

On Wednesday, people in Casper's hometown of Kiel tried to come to grips with his death.

"Trevor was just a great person," said Kiel Police Chief David Funkhouser. "He possessed a true servant's heart."

...Kevin and Debbie Casper said in a statement their son "was an amazing young man who from a young age would do anything to help anyone."

They weren't surprised that he went into law enforcement.

"Trevor had a soft and good heart," the parents said. "He truly believed his sole purpose in life was to serve and protect others."
This is heartbreaking.

Kevin and Debbie Casper raised a remarkable son. My prayers go out to them and all who are suffering the loss of Trevor.


Read about Steven Timothy Snyder, the man who killed Trooper Casper.


Last year, we were told over and over again that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl served with "honor and distinction." 


Watch Susan Rice:

From the Weekly Standard:

President Obama's national security adviser, Susan Rice, said on ABC that Bowe Bergdahl "served the United States with honor and distinction" and that "Sergeant Bergdahl wasn't simply a hostage; he was an American prisoner of war captured on the battlefield."

“Certainly anybody who's been held in those conditions, in captivity for five years, has paid an extraordinary price. But that is really not the point. The point is that he's back,” Rice told ABC host George Stephanopoulos when asked whether Bergdahl was a deserter and whether he'd face punishment.

“He is going to be safely reunited with his family. He served the United States with honor and distinction. And we’ll have the opportunity eventually to learn what has transpired in the past years, but what's most important now is his health and well being, that he have the opportunity to recover in peace and security and be reunited with his family. Which is why this is such a joyous day.”

Oh, yes, what a "joyous" day it was!

Susan Rice is an absolute disgrace.

Watch Obama tell the nation that the great Bowe Bergdahl was coming home. It  was a proud moment for Obama.

OBAMA: And he wasn't forgotten by his country, because the United States of America does not, ever, leave our men and women in uniform behind.

Obama looks like a total jackass!

From the Washington Post:

Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the U.S. soldier who slipped away from his patrol base in Afghanistan in 2009 and was held in captivity for five years, has been charged with desertion and misbehaving before the enemy, Army officials said Wednesday, setting the stage for emotionally charged court proceedings in coming months.

The charges were announced by the service at Fort Bragg, N.C., hours after the 28-year-old was handed a charge sheet, according to one of his attorneys. Bergdahl will next face a preliminary Article 32 hearing, which is frequently compared to a grand jury proceeding in civilian court.

If convicted, he faces the possibility of life in prison.
Bergdahl was released in exchange for FIVE TALIBAN TERRORISTS.

What have those Gitmo detainees done since they were released?

From the New York Post:

At least three of the five Taliban leaders traded last year for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl have tried to plug back into their old terror networks, a government official familiar with the intelligence told Fox News, describing it as an attempt to “re-engage.”
Nice going, Obama! Good job!

You belong on Mount Rushmore.

Obama embraced Bergdahl and his parents so publicly, declaring the traitor's return as a great victory.

Did he give anywhere near the same recognition to the U.S. soldiers who died searching for Bergdahl?

Of course not. Obama doesn't do the right thing.

From TIME:

Army Sergeant Bowe Bergdahl was freed by the Taliban over the weekend after they held him for nearly five years, in exchange for five Taliban leaders, who will spend a year cooling their heels in Qatar. You might have heard about it on the news.

Chances are you haven’t heard of the six soldiers who died hunting for him after he went missing, according to military officials. Now that Bergdahl has been sprung—in exchange for five senior Taliban officials, who had been imprisoned at Guantanamo—soldiers who served with Bergdahl are grumbling that he deserted and shouldn’t be hailed as a hero, especially given the resulting cost in American lives.
Why haven't we heard of these six soldiers who died because this guy deserted?



Now, finally, the Leftists are grudgingly admitting Americans died searching for Bergdahl.

Staff Sergeant Clayton Bowen, 29, of San Antonio, Texas, and Private 1st Class Morris Walker, 23, of Chapel Hill, N.C., were killed by a roadside bomb in Paktika province on Aug. 18, 2009, while trying to find Bergdahl. Like Bergdahl, they were part of the 4th BCT from Fort Richardson, Alaska.

Staff Sergeant Kurt Curtiss, 27, of Murray, Utah, died Aug. 26 in Paktika Province, Afghanistan, of wounds suffered when he was shot while his unit was supporting Afghan security forces during an enemy attack. Like Bergdahl, Bowen and Walker, he was part of the 4th BCT.

2nd Lieutenant Darryn Andrews, 34, of Dallas, Texas, died Sept. 4 in Paktika Province when enemy forces attacked his vehicle with an improvised explosive device and a rocket-propelled grenade. Like Bergdahl, Bowen, Walker and Curtiss, Andrews was part of the 4th BCT.

Staff Sergeant Michael Murphrey, 25, of Snyder, Texas, died Sept. 6 in Paktika province after being wounded by an IED. Like Bergdahl, Bowen, Walker, Curtiss and Andrews, Murphrey was part of the 4th BCT.

On Sept. 4, 2009, Private 1st Class Matthew Martinek, 20, of DeKalb, Ill., was seriously wounded in Paktika province when Taliban forces attacked his vehicle with an improvided explosive device, a rocket-propelled grenade and small-arms fire.
These men died because of Bergdahl, Obama's hero.

Does Obama have a conscience?

Mitt Romney and Jimmy Fallon Mirror Sketch (Video)

Jimmy Fallon: Ted Cruz ObamaCare Joke

JIMMY FALLON: Yesterday, presidential candidate Ted Cruz said that he will in fact be signing up for ObamaCare despite saying earlier that he wants to repeal every word of it. It's a good thing he's signing up because Cruz just went to the hospital in hypocritical condition.

The Breakfast Club 30th Anniversary

The Breakfast Club is 30 years old.

Read "Don't You Forget About Me: The John Hughes I Knew," by P.J. O'Rourke.

Alternate lyrics:

Don't you love cotton candy?
It's made of cotton, and also candy
If your fingers get sticky
Eat off your hand, lickety-licky

Don't you love cotton candy?
Don't, don't, don't, don't
Don't you love cotton candy?

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Melanie Toney - Domestic Terrorist

Melanie Toney, 52, is a violent, dangerous person, a threat to society.

From KVUE:
Police have arrested a woman after witnesses say she threw a Molotov cocktail-type device at people holding a prayer vigil at a South Austin Planned Parenthood on Monday, according to an arrest affidavit.

Police said 52-year-old Melanie Maria Toney threw the object out the passenger side window of her car where two anti-abortion protesters standing outside of the clinic at 201 East Ben White Boulevard around 6:30 p.m. Monday.

One of the protesters, Ruth Allwein, said she was praying in the grassy area as a volunteer with Texas Alliance for Life when she saw Toney throw the bottle.

"It looked like some sort of bottle, and it had an ignited wick in it, so my first instinct was backing away," said Allwein.

Allwein said she stomped out the fire and pulled out the wick to make sure the fire did not make contact with the contents of the bottle. The affidavit states the flaming item was a "Gum Out" fuel additive bottle with a burned piece of paper towel that had been rolled into a wick and lit on fire, a Molotov cocktail-type device.

Toney admitted to throwing a bottle out the window with some paper in it and said it "might" have been smoldering when she threw it.

Toney is charged with aggravated assault.
Just a few women were holding a prayer vigil outside the Planned Parenthood facility, hardly a threatening, unruly mob of protesters.

Toney thought it would be a good move to throw a "Molotov cocktail-type device" at them. The license plate on the car she was in had been covered with cardboard. She's a real piece of work.

Here's more, from KEYE:

According to the affidavit, the incident happened around 6:25 p.m. on Monday at the Planned Parenthood building on East Ben White Boulevard. Multiple witnesses told police that they witnessed Toney throw a flaming object out of the passenger side window of her BMW SUV near the protesters, the affidavit stated.

Police say witnesses reported that Toney had cardboard covering her license plate, in an effort to conceal it.

Police stopped Toney less than 3 miles from Planned Parenthood and she was taken into custody.

The Austin Fire Department and arson investigators inspected the item that was thrown from Toney's car, and determined it to be a "gum out fuel additive" bottle and a burned piece of paper towel that had been rolled into a wick.

Toney remains in Travis County Jail.
Here's video:

Melanie Maria Toney (Mug shot - APD)

Toney is one scary individual. I think it's fair to call her a domestic terrorist.

Obama Lies About His ObamaCare Lies

OBAMA: It was one thing for them to argue against Obamacare before it was put in place. Every prediction they made about it turned out to be wrong. See, it's working better than even I expected.


Obama is crazy or a liar or a crazy liar.

Without question, he's wrong.

Abortion Bowl-a-Thon

YAY! It's a bowl-a-thon for abortion! Woo hoo!!!!!


What do bowling and abortion access have in common? The National Abortion Access Bowl-a-Thon, of course! And each spring, we aim to strike!

For the 6th year in a row, abortion funds from across the country raise money to make reproductive rights a reality for women who can't afford to pay for an abortion—and this year we plan to break the fundraising records!

What is the Bowl-a-Thon?

The Bowl-a-Thon is a nationwide series of local events that allow community members (you!) to captain your own bowling teams, participate in a kickass national event – and raise money to help women and girls pay for abortions they couldn’t otherwise afford.

When is the Bowl-a-Thon?

Throughout the month of April. Find an event in your community, recruit your team, choose a brilliant and punny team name, and start fundraising -- registration is open now!
Yes, choose a "brilliant and punny team name" for raising money to slaughter unborn babies.
Team Names: From the Misoproselytizers and Ova Achievers to Texas' Puck Ferrys and New Orleans' Preaux Choice, Bowl-a-Thon participants come up with the most brilliant and punny teams! Check out the 2015 roster here.
What fun!  Don't you just love abortion puns? Funny stuff. Good times.

Click the 2015 roster link and read the team names.

Some are truly awful, such as "Chicks United for Needed Terminations (CUNTs)." This one is flat-out bizarre: "Former Fetuses for Choice." The mothers of the "former fetuses" on this team didn't abort them, but the former fetuses are bowling to raise money to kill current fetuses. And would these "former fetuses" have supported their own obliteration?

Who cares?

It's a "kickass national event"!

Can you think of anything else that brings people together the way the love of abortion does?

How nice to combine bowling and ending human life!

It's a celebration!

This is sickening. It's heartbreaking really.

Why not have a bowl-a-thon to raise funds for women determined to give their babies life?

Life is so precious. Each is unique. Never before and never again.