Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wisconsin Jobs Now Vans: Parking Only For Leftists

Media Trackers has the explosive video of a Milwaukee election official declaring that only the Leftist group Wisconsin Jobs Now get-out-the-vote vans get preferred parking for early voting, not any citizen.


This is life in Milwaukee under Leftist Tom Barrett - justice for some.

Parking for Leftists.

Friday, October 24, 2014

Gordon Hintz - DEMOCRAT

Gordon Hintz, DEMOCRAT, is running for reelection to the 54th Assembly District seat.

Hintz should be running away in shame.

The guy is a disgrace.

Here are two previous posts revealing some disturbing facts about Hintz.

He is not fit to serve in office.

First, from February 28, 2011:

UPDATE, March 1, 2011: Wisconsin State Representative Who Was Told She’s ‘F**king Dead’ Speaks Out with Laura Ingraham

Here's the audio of Laura Ingraham's interview with Michelle Litjens:


DEMOCRAT Wisconsin State Representative Gordon Hintz has serious behavioral issues. He does not conduct himself in a manner befitting an elected official.

Photo: Gordon Hintz

He has an abusive streak when it comes to how he interacts with women.

Last week, we learned that Hintz was cited under a city sexual misconduct ordinance.

From the
Appleton Post-Crescent:
Appleton police say a municipal citation they issued to state Rep. Gordon Hintz earlier this month is connected to a prostitution investigation involving an Appleton massage parlor.

The 37-year-old Oshkosh Democrat was arrested Feb. 10 and cited the next day under a city sexual misconduct ordinance. He is scheduled to appear April 27 in front of an Outagamie County court commissioner.

...Records say Hintz was accused of violating an Appleton city ordinance against touching or offering to touch sexual parts.

Police searched Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor, 342 W. Wisconsin Ave., and a nearby residence, 1319½ N. Division St., on Jan. 28. Investigators had staked out the properties for several days after receiving a tip that illegal activity was taking place at the home.

The raid netted six arrests, and police seized a vehicle and other property. Four women were booked into the Outagamie County Jail and two other women were arrested but not jailed.

"We made a number of arrests … and now (we issued) the ticket to Mr. Hintz," DeWall said. "But it's still an open investigation."

OK. That's creepy.

As creepy as Hintz's alleged behavior at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor is, I find what he said to REPUBLICAN Wisconsin State Representative Michelle Litjens to be even worse.

Photo: Michelle Litjens

Last Friday, after the Assembly engrosssed Governor Scott Walker's budget repair plan,
DEMOCRAT Hintz threatened Litjens.

Hintz said to Litjens: "You are f---ing dead!"

Hintz didn't just use an expletive when speaking to Litjens. That's bad enough. But what's worse is how he bullied her in a very frightening fashion.

"You are f---ing dead!"


What is wrong with him?

Does he aspire to be Rahm Emanuel?

Hintz treats women abusively. Clearly, he fails to show a female colleague in the Assembly the respect she deserves.

"You are f---ing dead!" is not an appropriate way to express disagreement on a matter before the Assembly.

Has Hintz been spending too much time hanging out with the union thugs and
socialists occupying the Capitol?

Speaking of unions, I wonder if the "workers" at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor are protected by a union. Do they have collective bargaining rights for wages? What about health care and pension benefits?

Certainly, Hintz reacts very passionately when it comes to protecting workers.

I assume Hintz cares very deeply about the working conditions at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor.


UPDATE: Wisconsin Rep. Gordon Hintz apologizes for comments made on Assembly floor following budget vote
Hintz Monday said he called Litjens to apologize but said he could not “confirm that quote.” He said his comments came following 58 hours of debate on the Assembly floor and after the Republicans broke procedural rules in taking the vote before many Democrats had a chance to vote.

“I believe my response was shock. The only way they were going to pass this bill was by ignoring and shredding rules of the Assembly,” Hintz said. “I apologized when I learned my comments may have been taken personally by someone.”

That's not much of an apology.

"You are f---ing dead."

His comments MAY have been taken personally?

Hintz, when tell someone "You are f---ing dead," expect the individual to take it personally.

Good grief.

Second, from March 2, 2011:
JAY LENO: Wisconsin Democrat, a man named Gordon Hintz - Hintz I think his name is, H-I-N-T-Z, Hintz - he's one of those battling the Republican Governor Scott Walker. You know, this whole union thing? Well, he admitted in the middle of all of this he got caught at a prostitution sting at the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor. So for at least one Democrat in Wisconsin this crisis had a happy ending.

Way to go, Gordon!

You made Leno's monologue!

Leno's national audience may not be aware that Rep. Hintz of the Heavenly Touch Massage Parlor prostitution sting is the same Democrat lawmaker that made news for telling Republican Rep. Michelle Litjens "You are f---ing dead!"

Oh, those wacky Wisconsin Democrats!

Really unbelievable.

Vote for Mark Elliot.

Craig Spencer - Ebola in NYC

Here we go again.

Another Ebola case, this time in New York City.

Craig Spencer tested positive for Ebola.

He's a doctor who rides the subway. He goes bowling.

Spencer treated Ebola patients in Africa, and he didn't feel well Tuesday morning, but that didn't keep him from hanging out in public places and using public transportation yesterday.

The CDC says Spencer passed the enhanced screening for travelers from West Africa.

I guess that tells us the "enhanced screening" is not getting the job done.

From the New York Times:

Dr. Spencer had been working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea treating Ebola patients, and completed his work on Oct. 12, Dr. Bassett said. He flew out of the country on Oct. 14, traveling via Europe, and arrived in New York on Oct. 17.

Since returning, he had been taking his temperature twice a day, Dr. Bassett said.

He told the authorities that he did not believe the protective gear he wore while working with Ebola patients had been breached but had been monitoring his own health.
That's disturbing.
...“He is a committed and responsible physician who always puts his patients first,” the hospital said in a statement. “He has not been to work at our hospital and has not seen any patients at our hospital since his return from overseas.”
Was it responsible to go bowling and use public transportation?


From the New York Post:

Craig Spencer, who was was suffering from Ebola-like symptoms — a 103-degree fever and nausea — spent Wednesday night bowling in Williamsburg, the sources said. He used Uber taxis to get there and back.

He landed at JFK airport on Oct. 17 on a connecting flight from Brussels, a source said. Spencer’s temperature was 98.7 degrees upon arrival, the source added.
It's going to be tough to track Spencer's contacts.

It seems that anyone who has come from West Africa and TREATED EBOLA PATIENTS should automatically be isolated to be sure they don't spread the virus.

Certainly, doctors and healthcare workers should understand that necessity to protect the public health.


Everywhere the NYC Ebola Patient Went During His 'Self-Isolation'

Women Winning the War on Women

Ben Shapiro presents a reality check: Women are winning the War on Women!

Who knew?

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Fair Use

Fair Use means you can use copyrighted material without a license only for certain purposes. These include:


Don't make money off of the copyrighted work.

In general, it's much easier to claim Fair Use when you're using the copyrighted material for noncommercial purposes. While posting images of your favorite TV shows and adding funny captions and commentary might be considered Fair Use, selling those images on T-shirts would not. Making money from ads on your blog can also limit your ability to claim Fair Use.

From Stanford University:

Measuring Fair Use: The Four Factors

Unfortunately, the only way to get a definitive answer on whether a particular use is a fair use is to have it resolved in federal court. Judges use four factors in resolving fair use disputes, which are discussed in detail below. It's important to understand that these factors are only guidelines and the courts are free to adapt them to particular situations on a case-by-case basis. In other words, a judge has a great deal of freedom when making a fair use determination and the outcome in any given case can be hard to predict.

The four factors judges consider are:
1. the purpose and character of your use
2. the nature of the copyrighted work
3. the amount and substantially of the portion taken, and
4. the effect of the use upon the potential market.  

This blog is noncommercial. This blog has NEVER contained ads. No money has ever been made from this blog.

Vote Dan Sebring

Gwen Moore or Dan Sebring--

This is a no-brainer.

Gwen Moore is an embarrassment.

What has she accomplished while in Washington?

Moore supported the impeachment of President George W. Bush.

Moore voted for ObamaCare, and every other Leftist effort to "transform" America.

And of course, Moore's most memorable moment as a public servant:

TED Barrett?

Nice work, CNN.

Dan Sebring will work to move our country in the right direction, to get us back on track, rejecting the failed policies of Obama and Democrats like Gwen Moore.

Vote Dan Sebring for Congress in Wisconsin's 4th Congressional District.

For the love of God, please.

Reasons To Vote For Democrats

Mark Levin explains:

Levin noted that incumbent Democrats who are now pretending they don’t support Obama have supported his policies – ObamaCare, amnesty, and massive deficit spending.

“And all this is coming home now, and it is a disaster. The country’s going to hell under this president, under the Democrat Party, everybody knows it,” he said.

Levin also cautioned that the Democrats running aren’t moderates – they’re radicals who want massive centralized government and do not believe in the working man.

“Do you want chaos on the border? Do you want immigration amnesty? Do you want massive debt? Do you want more distribution of wealth? Do you want more nationalization of health care? Destruction of jobs? Outsourcing of jobs? If you like it, then vote for your Democrat.”
It really is that simple.

The country is going in the wrong direction.

But, if you like the disaster, if you're happy with the country going to hell, vote DEMOCRAT.

In my opinion, sitting out this election if you aren't happy with what Democrat "leadership" has achieved is the most selfish, irresponsible thing you can do.

If you're a conservative and you choose to stay home, you are voting DEMOCRAT. You are voting for chaos on the border, immigration amnesty, massive debt, destruction of jobs, more government-run health care, and higher taxes.

All those things are made possible by voting DEMOCRAT or not voting at all.

James O'Keefe: Voter Fraud, Mark Udall and Joe Salazar

James O'Keefe has a new undercover exposé, this time documenting Leftists in Colorado condoning voter fraud.

DEMOCRAT Mark Udall supporters, like Meredith Hicks, director of Work For Progress, and Christen Topping of Greenpeace, are on the record, supporting voter fraud.

A worker for fellow DEMOCRAT Colorado state representative Joe Salazar, Nicole Hanlon, is on the record condoning illegal voting practices.


Meredith and Christen and Nicole look awful, don't they?

They are actively undermining the integrity of the election. They are disenfranchising all the people obeying the law and voting legally.

Voter fraud? AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Democrats who are willing to ignore this stuff really bug me.

Their unwillingness to admit there is a problem is just as bad as the behavior of Meredith Hicks, Christen Topping, and Nicole Hanlon.

Pope Francis Mess: 'Mission Accomplished'

I found this article on comments made by Thomas J. Tobin, the Catholic bishop for the Diocese of Providence, R.I., interesting as well as amusing.

From CNSNews:

Thomas J. Tobin, the Catholic bishop for the Diocese of Providence, R.I., commented on the recent Synod of Bishops on the Family held at the Vatican as “being rather Protestant” in having bishops vote on “doctrinal applications,” and added that in terms of Pope Francis’s fondness for a “creating a mess,” you can say, “mission accomplished.”

...Pope Francis has sometimes said he wants to create “a mess” in the Church, meaning he wants to stir things up, and challenge people to do things they may not have considered.

During the World Youth Day in Rio de Janerio in July 2013, Pope Francis said, “What is it that I expect as a consequence of World Youth Day? I want a mess. We knew that in Rio there would be great disorder, but I want trouble in the dioceses! … I want to see the Church get closer to the people. I want to get rid of clericalism, the mundane, this closing ourselves off within ourselves, in our parishes, schools or structures. Because these need to get out!”

Commenting further on the Synod, Bishop Tobin said, “The concept of having a representative body of the Church voting on doctrinal applications and pastoral solutions strikes me as being rather Protestant.” At the close of the Synod, the bishops voted on all 62 paragraphs in the final document, the Relatio Synodi.

The Synod of bishops will meet again in one year to review the document, make more changes, and then Pope Francis will review that material and write a public letter on the family and marriage issues examined.
Some messes are better than others. Obviously, "trouble in the dioceses" is not necessarily constructive.

Challenging Catholics by calling them to be better Christians is a good "mess."

Creating confusion and uncertainty and doubt is not a good "mess." This floundering is not good.

St. Pope John Paul II stirred things up, but with him as the Holy Father I never felt that the teachings of the Church or the Word of God were up for a vote.

Leading from behind is not effective. It's not leading the flock.

Frankly, I'm tired of statements from Pope Francis followed by a lot of backtracking and clarifying from the Vatican.

Too often, I've felt a bit lost at times in terms of where the Catholic Church stands.


Mission accomplished.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Scott Walker: Tuition Freeze

Pro-Abortion Mary Burke: Sonya's Law

Mary Burke is radically pro-abortion.

From the Associated Press via the Star Tribune:

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Mary Burke says she believes voters do care about the candidates' views on abortion and women's health issues, even though Gov. Scott Walker says people he meets are focused on the economy.

Burke addressed the issue Wednesday during an interview with the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel's editorial board broadcast on the newspaper's website.

Burke supports abortion rights and says she would repeal state laws requiring women to wait 24 hours before they obtain an abortion and to get an ultrasound first.

Burke says she supports the law requiring minors to tell their parents first before they obtain an abortion.

But Burke says she would veto any bill that would ban abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy.
Burke proudly expresses her radical pro-abortion views.

She'd veto any bill banning late term abortion, after 20 weeks of pregnancy.

Does Burke know anything about the development of a baby? What does it mean to kill a baby at 20 weeks of pregnancy?

At 20 weeks pregnant:

Last week, vernix started to coat your baby's skin. This week, he's completely covered with the creamy substance, which will protect his delicate skin from the amniotic fluid.

Making sense. Your baby is truly starting to experience the world around him, limited though it may be. His brain has been working overtime developing the nerve centers dedicated to his senses, and they're coming alive. He's more responsive to the changes in the world around him: your activity, sounds in the environment, and even the taste of the amniotic fluid.

Pick up a hiccup. You've probably felt your baby rolling, diving, and kicking inside your belly. Now you might also feel a rhythmic jerking. No, he's not tapping out a tune; he's hiccupping. Most babies get the hiccups in utero, possibly due to an immature diaphragm having spasms. There's nothing you can do to stop the hiccups, but there's no need to—they won't harm your baby now or after he's born.

Sprouting a top. After establishing a scalp hair pattern several weeks ago, your baby is moving to the next step: growing hair. And this isn't lanugo; it's the real deal. But don't get visions of a lustrous mane just yet. Most of this hair will start to fall out two weeks after birth. Don't worry—your little one will gradually grow permanent hair, which will probably be lighter in color than the hair he has at birth. Elsewhere in your baby's head, the bones of the inner ear are now fully formed, and the nose is beginning to develop into its recognizable shape.

Measuring up. Your baby weighs about 7.5 to 9 ounces and measures approximately 8.5 inches. You could cup the little guy in the palm of your hand.
Mary Burke thinks it's acceptable to kill babies at 20 weeks and beyond. She promises not to protect the unborn. She considers them dispensable.  It's positively ghoulish.

It's not surprising that pro-abortion proponents are backing Burke.

I suppose it's not surprising that radical pro-abortion activists are lying about Scott Walker and Sonya's Law. It's what they do.

From LifeNews:

Leading pro-abortion groups are attacking pro-life Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, who is facing a tough re-election battle in this purple state. The out-of-state and extreme pro-abortion group Emily’s List is making false claims about Sony’a Law, the pro-life bill Walker signed that allows women a chance to see their unborn baby in an ultrasound while considering an abortion.

The pro-abortion groups claim Walker is violating women’s privacy by forcing them to have a transvaginal utlrasound — a claim the state’s leading pro-life group rejects.

Wisconsin Right to Life’s Executive Director, Heather Weininger, stated, “We only have to look at the text of Sonya’s Law to see that a woman can decide on the type of ultrasound she wishes to have. It is reprehensible that Emily’s List is making false claims about the law, and substantiating their claims with a biased headline no credible newspaper would ever use.”

Weininger said Sonya’s Law provides a mother with the opportunity to see her baby through ultrasound before she makes a decision about how to proceed with her pregnancy. After all options have been explained, it is up to the woman to decide the type of ultrasound she prefers.
Pro-abortion radicals are LYING about Scott Walker and Sonya's Law.

Sonya's Law means women seeking abortions will have the opportunity to become educated on the reality of their pregnancies via ultrasound. They will have a chance to better understand the truth of their choice regarding the fate of their unborn children.

The ultrasound will inform them, give them facts, so they can make reasoned decisions. No propaganda. No distortions. Just facts about human development and the growth of an unborn baby.

Why are pro-abortion proponents like Mary Burke afraid of the truth?

The Leftists/Democrats are such hypocrites. They champion science and mock conservatives when it comes to religion, their values and beliefs.

However, when it comes to science involving medical advancements that allow women to learn the facts of fetal development, the Leftists/Democrats demand that women be treated like children. They want to disregard science. In effect, they argue that women can't handle the truth.

"No science for you!"

"No education for you!"

Education is a good thing. A pregnant woman shouldn't be misled about pregnancy and abortion. Tell the truth. Inform her with facts.

Abortion is about life and death, very serious stuff.

Women should be informed with the truth, something that an ultrasound provides.

Thanks, "science," for informing us about the beauty of new life and its development.

Thanks, "science," for revealing what Mary Burke's support for killing unborn babies even after 20 weeks, something the majority of WOMEN oppose, really means.

Wisconsin Jobs Now: Parking Spaces For Drop-Off Vans

Thank you, MacIver Institute, for providing the public with information that Wisconsin mainstream media outlets fail to share.

This story involves the special treatment liberal group Wisconsin Jobs Now is receiving to carry out its pro-Mary Burke get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort.

In the lead up to the November 4th election, Wisconsin Jobs Now (WJN) is coordinating a massive get-out-the-vote (GOTV) effort to drive Mary Burke supporters to the polls to cast in-person absentee ballots.

...On Monday, WJN used approximately 10 vans to pick up voters from nine different locations around the city at five specified times throughout the day and delivered those voters to the Zeidler Building, which is located at 841 North Broadway in downtown Milwaukee.

...Mayor Tom Barrett's administration seems to working with WJN in their GOTV efforts. Early in the morning on Monday, a worker from the Department of Public Works put out at least four hoods over meters near the southwest corner of the Kilbourn and Broadway intersection, effectively disabling the pay meters and making the spots a no-cost place to park. WJN vans appeared to park in the now-free spots closest to the corner all day.

WJN workers also were allowed to use a traffic cone in the right-turn-only lane on Kilbourn Avenue to save this area as a parking spot for newly arriving vans to drop off transportees close to the entrance of the building. As a WJN van approached the Zeidler building, it would honk its horn, an on-site WJN staff member would remove the cone from the right turn lane and the van would park for a short time while potential voters went inside to register and vote.
Why should the vehicles of a Leftist group like Wisconsin Jobs Now be granted this privileged status?

Why is Tom Barrett allowing WJN to be above the law?

This is wrong, and so expected.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

ISIS Ebola

I agree.