Saturday, February 6, 2016

Ronald Reagan's Birthday - 105!

Ronald Reagan was born 105 years ago today.

Jimmy Fallon: Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: Last night was the first one-on-one debate between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. And I don't want to say things got tense between the two of them, but one guy was like, [Trump voice] 'Please lower your voices. Don't need to shout.'

At the debate, Hillary Clinton addressed the controversy over her personal email server and said she has no concerns about it whatsoever. Democrats were like, 'Yeah, that's what concerns us. Why does that not bother you?'

Hillary also told Bernie Sanders that it's time for his campaign to end the very artful smear against her. Incidentally, 'very artful smear' is also how Bernie orders a bagel. [Sanders voice] 'Give me whole wheat with a very artful smear of veggie cream cheese.'

Bernie Sanders now holds a double-digit lead in New Hampshire polls over Hillary Clinton. Bernie says he's still taking every precaution he can against Hillary by running ads, giving speeches, and having someone else start his car in the morning. Can't be too careful

Friday, February 5, 2016

New Hampshire Primary Poll

Kasich or any other candidate better not plan on putting out a tweet that he's going home to get a change of clothes.

That could stir up a lot of trouble.

Maurice White R.I.P.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Jimmy Carter Chooses Trump

Jimmy Fallon: Iowa Caucus Jokes

JIMMY FALLON: On Monday, Hillary Clinton narrowly won in Iowa, with the final results showing that she beat Bernie Sanders by less than one percent. And you thought Bernie was mad at the one percent before. 'It's always the one percent!'

Actually, Hillary is facing criticism for declaring victory in Iowa prematurely. The final results weren't actually announced until around 1:00 PM on Tuesday, but she declared victory back in April of last year.

After receiving less than one percent support in the Iowa caucuses, Martin O'Malley suspended his presidential campaign. In a related story, the New York Jets have announced that they've decided to not play in the Super Bowl this week.


Over on the Republican side, Ted Cruz made history by becoming the first Hispanic to win the Iowa caucus. Then Cruz said, 'And the first Canadian! I mean, nothing.'

Now, this isn't good, you guys, right here. Experts are saying that the low turnout for Jeb Bush in Iowa means that he spent almost $3000 per vote. Talk about a waste of $6000!

Super Bowl 50 Preview

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Trump Trashes Cruz

Ted Cruz - First Hispanic to Win Presidential Primary

Ted Cruz earned a place in American history on Monday.

He became the first Hispanic candidate to win a presidential primary.

Take note, Democrats. Your alleged party of diversity didn't produce the first Hispanic winner.

In fact, when you look at the 2016 presidential candidates of the Democrat party, they are remarkably non-diverse.

John Nolte, Breitbart, writes:

Because the DC Media believe it is a powerful weapon that benefits Democrats, nothing will ever stop them from using it. But if this same media truly believed in science and objectivity, the results in Iowa would forever end their relentless smears against conservatives as racists. Tuesday night, one of the whitest and most conservative states in the country — Iowa — gave 60% of the Republican vote to two Hispanics and a black man.

Moreover, for the first time in history a Hispanic won a presidential primary. But due to the fact that Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) is Republican, no one on the media dares say so.

Hispanic Ted Cruz handily won the evening with 28% support.

Hispanic Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) shocked the world with a third place showing of 23%.

Dr. Ben Carson, a black man, came in 4th with 9%.

Total: 60%.

Meanwhile, over on the Democrat side, two people so old and so white they seem like something straight out of central casting, won 99% of the vote. Another white guy took the remaining 1%. Democrats gave their voters no other alternative.

But the Republicans are deemed the party of old white guys. Go figure.

Trump Attacks Cruz

Trump is not giving up.

Following his second place finish in Iowa, he has stepped up his attacks on Cruz.

Marco Rubio must be smiling.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Hillary Wins Iowa

Wow. What a stunning victory.

Iowa Caucus Observations

Finally, we're done speculating. We have concrete results to analyze in Iowa.

Some observations and thoughts:


---Hillary is in trouble. It's Groundhog Day for her, 2008 all over again.

---Democrats proudly embraced the proud SOCIALIST, Bernie Sanders.

---The race between Hillary and Bernie was so close, Martin O'Malley, even with his minuscule support, actually managed to have an impact on the results.

---A dead heat is not a victory for either candidate.


---Don't believe polls. We were supposed to witness the Trump juggernaut. Instead, Donald Trump had to accept second place with a smile. 

---Respecting the process is important. Trump ducking out of a debate just a few days before the caucus was a mistake.

---Turns out Trump wasn't too big to lose. Well, he didn't lose, but he didn't win. Second place is not a victory.

---Jeb, Jeb, Jeb. Time to stop wasting money and let this one go.

---Marco Rubio clearly has momentum. He did an excellent job delivering his post-caucus speech, wisely using the forum to reach a broad audience. If he's not the nominee for president, and I think he could/should be, he belongs on the ticket as the vice presidential nominee.

---Ted Cruz is apparently likable enough. The "everyone hates Cruz" narrative obviously is a false one. Deal with it, Establishment.

---Regarding the awful behavior by the Trump-hating pundits and factions of the Trump-hating conservative media: After months of their tantrums and their incessant mocking of Trump supporters, it's going to be hard for them to regain the respect they've lost among the many of us paying attention to the truly embarrassing spectacle. It wasn't at all necessary to further alienate a significant portion of the electorate. But, they did, utilizing childish terms like "Trumpkins."

---I'm glad Cruz won and I'm glad Rubio did so well.

---What we have is a three-person race.

Happy Groundhog Day

A couple of years ago, there was an article about the origins of Groundhog Day in the Washington Post.

How did this tradition get started?

In ancient times, people of different cultures celebrated Feb. 2 to mark the coming of warmer weather because the day is midway between the start of winter and spring. Candles were lit in a festival of lights to mark the day, and it became known as Candlemas. (The Catholic Church later declared a festival to honor Jesus on that day.)

People living many years ago also used that day to predict the weather. Tradition said that if Feb. 2 was sunny, it meant winter would last for six more weeks. If it was cloudy, winter was said to be nearly over.

Now take those traditions and add this: Farmers used to look for the reappearance of hibernating animals to tell them when spring had arrived. Early American settlers relied on the groundhog.

That Washington Post account makes it sound as if the Catholic Church arbitrarily took the established pagan festival of Candlemas and declared it to be in honor of Jesus.

Here's a different take on Candlemas. It appeared in the Boston Herald in 2009.

At Kosmala boutique in west suburban Villa Park, shoppers are lining up to buy frilly gowns so their babies will look their best for a special mass Monday.

They finger the fabric and compare outfits with the avidity of parents preparing for a baptism.

But the babies are just doll-like figurines, and the event being celebrated is the Mexican Candelaria, or Candlemas, a holiday in which statuettes of the Christ Child — the centerpiece of household creches and family devotions — are brought into church to be blessed by a priest.

The practice of focusing one’s devotions around a figure of baby Jesus is both Mexican in its origin and broadly Christian in its symbolism. And Candelaira has grown nationwide along with a population that traces its roots to south of the border.

The holiday falls on Feb. 2, a time when Roman Catholic Latinos from many countries celebrate traditions such as the blessing of water, children and the candles that lend Candlemas its name, said Rev. Claudio Diaz Jr. director of Hispanic ministry for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Chicago.

But it is the reverence for the child that gives Mexican Candelaria its distinctiveness. Candlemas comes 40 days after Christmas, a time when, according to tradition, Mary and Joseph presented Jesus at the temple.

The Nativity scene, rather than the yule tree, is the centerpiece of Mexican Christmas, but in most households the child isn’t placed in the manger until midnight on Christmas Eve, priests say. Over the weeks that follow, it is revered as a representation of the incarnation.

"It’s beautiful," Diaz said. "They place the image, the statue, in a little blankie, and they will cradle the image, and they will sing Christmas songs. And maybe grandma will knit a little gown, and he will be wearing his first little gown, like a baptismal gown.

"We talk about 'the Word became flesh.' That is the metaphor."

St. Agnes of Bohemia in Chicago is expecting perhaps 200 people to participate in a Candelaria mass Monday, with parishioners bringing candles, water and their own children for blessing, along with the figurine. The Christ Child is often left out all year, and the candles and holy water are kept at hand for times of darkness, Rev. Rene Mena said.

"It could be literal darkness, caused by a storm, or it could be the sense that an evil spirit is around in the house," he said. "So they would light a candle and bless the house with the water that they brought on Feb. 2."

Accounts differ. Some stress pagan roots. Others cite 40 days after the celebration of Christmas as the reason for the February 2nd observance of Candlemas, not Candlemas being co-opted by Christians.

Some accounts consider Candlemas and Groundhog Day as interchangeable. Others maintain the uniqueness of the observances.

More history here.

It's confusing. In any case, the celebrations focus on light -- spiritual or seasonal or both.

Will Punxsutawney Phil see his shadow?

(Yes! Punxsutawney Phil is allegedly the only true weather forecasting groundhog. The others are just impostors.)

It doesn't matter in Wisconsin.

Have you ever known spring weather to arrive 6 weeks after February 2nd?

Thankfully, this winter has been mercifully free of lots of snow, but a storm is threatening today.

I've had enough.

If spring arrived tomorrow, it would be too late.